Jeremie Leverich - Front-end Web Developer/Designer

Jeremie Leverich

Jeremie Leverich - Front-End Web Developer/Designer

I am a personable, front-end web developer/designer that has completed studies at Seattle Central Community College in Seattle, WA. I am a self-taught developer that is currently going through the HTML5, CSS3 & Responsive Development Certificate program at UW in Seattle. I have experience in creating fine web sites that are appealing to the eye and easy enough for you to update. Check out my resume and feel free to contact me anytime.


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Jeremie Leverich


About the site.

Michael Taylor – Program Coordinator at Seattle Central Community College was in need of a website that would enable his students to get class related material outside of class, while still appealing to prospective students. Michael has a wide variety of students from different cultures and education levels. That being said he needed a website that would appeal to all, and help his students find the information they are looking for in a few clicks.


I created the MichaelMTaylor site from start to finish. From the user needs assessment to the wireframes/visual design layout to the images being optimized for the web, to the templates. Until finally getting all of that created…I implemented the MichaelMTaylor website into WordPress. After completing the site I trained Michael Taylor how to update and maintain his own site using WordPress.

Parent Child Center

About the site.

The Parent Child Center of Seattle had a ten (10) year old website that was complicated to update and unappealing to all who encountered it. Melissa Chow contacted Mike Sinkula about a site redesign. Enter the fall of 2011 Web 210 class.

Team 2; a combination of 2 designers, and 2 developers including myself (designer), created this website in WordPress using a combination of HTML5, CSS3, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator. We took into consideration when building this site that the Parent Child Center of Seattle had clients from different backgrounds, so we made sure to test this site on multiple platforms including Mac OS and Windows, and all major browsers ie. Firefox, IE7+, Safari, Chrome, and Opera.


You can see all of the work on the Client Staging Area.


Scatter Creek Winery

About this site

Scatter Creek Winery had a self created website that was not properly laid out, images were not optimized for the web, content was unorganized and the owners were confused how to fix any of it. Enter Jeremie Leverich – Web Design student. I rebuilt the Scatter Creek Winery site using HTML, CSS, and some light PHP in Adobe Dreamweaver. I optimized the images for the web in Adobe Photoshop, wrote and organized all content and created an appealing site that the owners got trained how to do the updates on it themselves. I installed a Google Calendar (updatable by the client) for the Events of Scatter Creek Winery.



This is a dynamic site that I built in my ITC 280 class at Seattle Central Community College using the open source language of PHP. This was my assignment 12 (RTE)…. We were to create 3 pages that were RICH TEXT EDITOR enabled. I added the About Us, Flavors, and Events pages.

Once logged in you can update the About Us, Flavors, and Events pages. But you have to be logged in. Contact me for the login username and password.


JavaScript Jubilee

About the site.

The JavaScript Jubilee site was hand coded with HTML, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. This 3 column fixed-fluid-fixed layout is cross-browser compatible for the top 3 browsers in the market.

I decided to build this site to showcase my JavaScript skills while having cross-browser compatibility with W3C validation. This is a side project that I have been working on as time permits. Please check back to see the progress of this site as I have time available.

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