Day 1

I am starting out using my old portfolio for a blog. I am going to implement handwritten code that will be importing the blog updates from here to the 2016 portfolio project (from here on out called “the update”).

I am going to be using github to store the project as well as on my own server. This will provide an easy working environment no matter what device or machine I am working on, and a backup.

My plan is to hand-code a new portfolio site, using html5-boilerplate, Responsive Grid Systems, Bootstrap, WordPress, font-awesome .

I am going to start out implementing the html5-boilerplate so I am in complete control. Not the browsers. Throughout the development of this update I will be implementing various features html5-boilerplate has to offer.

I am using Responsive Grid Systems to help with the responsiveness.

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New Year = New Portfolio

I am updating my portfolio website to reflect the things I have learned in the past three years while working up from an intern to a senior developer.

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